Kabar Buruk bagi Para Desainer Template dan Penyisip Link di Kode

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Kabar Buruk bagi Para Desainer Template dan Penyisip Link di Kode

Kabar Buruk bagi Para Desainer Template dan Penyisip Link di Kode.

Google akan menurunkan peringkat website/blog desainer plugin (wp) dan template yang biasa menyisipkan link blognya di bagian footer atau di dalam kode yang dibagikan, kecuali diberi rel=nofollow.

Dulu, banyak blogger berbagi kode atau template, lalu menyisipkan link blognya di bagian footer atau dalam kode yang dibagikan.

Rupanya, Google kini menilainya sebagai “link farming” dan backlink tidak alami (unnatural link) sehingga dianggap spam.

Berikut ini informasi lengkapnya yang BloggerBandung kutipkan dari blog MBT.

About plugin and template websites
So, how does all this relate to sites that provide widgets, plugins, and templates for free? Well, Google doesn’t have a problem with you providing people with free (or paid) tools and resources. But what most free plugin and template websites do is, they add a link to one of their own sites, so that whenever someone installs a widget or a plugin, that plugin links to the host site. And usually, it is a followed link.

Similarly, in almost 95% of the free themes and templates, there are some links in the footer (which you can’t remove, especially for some premium WordPress themes). 

These links also point towards the host site. Not it isn’t the theme or the plugin that is violating the policies. It is the links. Such links come under the distributed links category with “Optimized anchor text” (3rd category listed above). 

Google has just recently announced that this sort of link violates its policies. So you should either not include such links in your plugins and themes at all, or you should nofollow those links, so that they do not pass PageRank to your own website.

1. Tambahkan rel = nofollow dalam link yang disisipkan.
2. Bagi pengguna template gratis, bantu desainer template yang Anda gunakan dengan menambahkan rel = nofollow di link blog desainernya.

Itulah sebabnya belakangan sangat jarang muncul template blog gratis baru dari para desainer template. Karena pare desainer itu juga mencari backlink buat blognya. (bloggerbandung.net).*

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